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As, mass production become commonplace, competition increased, and there is little unfulfilled demand. Firms/businesses practice the sales concept (or selling concept), under which companies not only produce the products, but also try to convince customers to buy their products through advertising and personal selling.The sales concept pays little attention to the product actually as if needed; the goal simply is to beat the competition to the sale with little regard to customer satisfaction. The sales concept is more likely depend on the feedback from customer & the sale of the product is fall in the promotions. Primark use this strategy as, they produce wide range of in market fashion clothing. The quality of product as compare to price is very less. Primark do every sort of clothing which is in demand and in fashion. To compete the competitors Primark introduce new and fresh design in the market at the low price. The products and fashion they produce can be worn as causal and as on occasions.


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