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It is believed that fathers impact children’s confidence levels more significantly than mothers (How Do Fathers, n.d.). As children’s confidence levels are dependent on whether they feel that they are able to achieve objectives and successfully learn new skills, their confidence levels can be heightened through the accomplishment of tasks. In this aspect, fathers seem to have an significant role. Fathers shape their children’s self esteem and competence levels as they are the ones who set up challenging environments for their children during playtime (How Do Fathers). This encourages the child to try novel experiences and enables the child to become more self sufficient, thus increasing the child’s confidence level. Besides that, fathers are able to effectively instil a sense of responsibility in a child by being a role model for the child (How Do Fathers). As Bandura’s observational learning theory states, learning can occur by a mere observation of the behaviour being carried out by someone else. This is especially applicable to children, who very susceptible to imitating adults. When fathers portray responsibility, their children would imitate them and learn to take responsibility for successes and failures (How Do Fathers). This would then lead to a sense of competence if any form of success is achieved.


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