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Haybron categorized three terms to describe happiness under life satisfaction theory. Endorsement: “feeling happy and other classic emotions.” This is an emotional state which signifies one’s life as good. Engagement: “vitality and flow.” This term concerns the engagement with one’s life in the form of energetic, interested, and engaged. However, this can occur even when events are not going well, as an example: when struggling to accomplish a difficult goal. There are two types of engagement. The first concerns on the states of energy or “vitality.” An example was given by Haybron of a concentrated orchestra conductor who might be cheerful or even happy without being obviously cheerful or happy. The second concerns the notion of “flow,” developed by Csikszentmihalyi. Flow is the state one experience when fully engaged in an activity, typically a challenging activity performed well. Athletes and musicians describe it as being ‘in the zone’. In this state of flow, one loses the sense of self-awareness. To the individual, time tends to pass different to reality and is not aware of feeling anything at all. Yet Csikszentmihalyi describes it as a highly pleasant state, which an individual is happy. It is opposite to boredom. Attunement: “peace of mind, confidence, expansiveness.” To understand this one should understand the aspect of tranquillity. It is similar to ‘feeling at home,’ not entirely a peace of mind but a kind confidence, and stability. In this state, one feels relaxed, living seems natural without inhibition.


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