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Auditors comply with professional ethics and practice in their work. Sure of that to attract more customers come to them. Therefore, it is also built on the work of their professional reputation. Consumers feel more confidence to participate in their investment funds. Customers feel comfortable, so that the financial statements to auditors. Because they do not sells any information to the public. So, that the consumers and clients in good standing.

Auditors follow the code of ethics. Government will not participate in the internal affairs of a business and even an industry. Because government involved consuming a lot of people certainly provenances and costs. In addition, it will cause the Company’s business slowed down. Thus, a device professional auditor will not result in customer inconvenience. This is a business running quickly, without any unnecessary procedures. Therefore, other countries, investors will be more interested in our business. Because they feel trusted and secure to investment of their money to our country.

Well-developed code of ethics and proper implementation can be a valuable asset of the organization. It can be prevention and improve the organization’s ethical standards of conduct powerful tool for defects. Useful and important, though it is, it would be a mistake to overestimate the value of ethics. Ethics can play an important role, but it should not be used as the only tool of an organization as a moral performance. Some of the limitations of ethics is determined as follows.

Moral self-discipline is capable of independent thinking and moral issues, first. Members of an organization comply with ethical guidelines. This subject can be a very good thing, especially if the code is to provide comprehensive code of ethics. This may, however, it does not include the problem of the rigid code. Blindly rely on a moral code means that people cannot develop their own moral sensitivity. Shall take all measures to maintain the moral debate in an organization alive, such as the new moral and ethical dilemma or question, employees have to face the on-going discussion. This will help to develop their moral sensitivity.