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Kolesnikova in her essay, stresses the role technology has on a society’s writing skills and how it has affected her and those around her. She sums her point up into one main factor, this factor being that technology is causing the population to diminish the art of writing. “Chat slang is killing the craft of writing” (Kolesnikova, 623). In her essay she explains how the effects of technology and chat speak led to her depression. After a poll held by the Pew Research Center focusing on twelve to seventeen year olds about their use of chat-speak, about thirty eight percent said they let it slip into their homework and essays (Kolesnikova, 623). Kolesnikova is an occasional tutor in San Francisco public schools and she can’t imagine how far chat speak has spread. Along with chat speak, she elucidates the use of emoticons in homework and essays as well. For those who may not know what emoticons are, they are defined as a sideways facial glyph used in e-mail to indicate an emotion or attitude, as to indicate humor [:-)]. According to the Pew Research Center, a poll resulted in twenty five percent of teens using emoticons in their tests, homework, and essays (Kolesnikova, 623). Kolesnikova states how it’s a shame that the popular culture today is encouraging this madness and is going as far as creating chat speak its own wiki-dictionary. The U.S. Department of Education released the Nation’s Report Card on Writing 2007 and only thirty three percent of eight graders demonstrated abilities at or above proficiency level (Kolesnikova, 623). This is yet the beginning and needs to be brought to an end before made worse.

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