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证据表明,阅读快乐并不总是认为孩子阅读的主要原因。研究探索的问题为什么孩子阅读和有类似的结果。大部分孩子调查回应基于技能的原因,原因与学习和理解,或情感原因(ESARD,2012)。这是由一项调查由全国扫盲信任(NLT)作为阅读的一部分连接(克拉克和福斯特,2005),他发现大部分孩子强调阅读技能相关的原因。一半的孩子说,他们阅读,因为它对生活来说是一种技能,因为它将帮助他们找到他们想要的东西或者需要知道。男孩比女孩报告说他们阅读,因为它能帮助他们或因为他们不得不找一份工作。女孩表示,阅读是有趣,教别人如何生活,因为它让他们休息。然而,Dungworth et al(2004)进行的一项研究结果表明,指出对快感更强烈儿童阅读的原因。这个安装在与阅读的情感,和相关的阅读让他们感觉的方式。有些孩子还说,他们阅读,因为它是放松的。应该注意的是,这个调查只是对五年级学生,因此不可能显示一个真正的代表小学所有年龄段的孩子。文献表明,之间有分裂原因孩子阅读。一方面有儿童阅读享受和放松,而其他人这样做主要是因为教育和信息。然而,大部分孩子似乎倾向于更多的技能相关的原因为什么他们阅读。这表明阅读的乐趣可能了。


Evidence suggests that reading for pleasure is not always cited as the main reason for children reading. Studies have explored the issue of why children read and there have been comparable results. The majority of children surveyed responded with skills based reasons, reasons to do with learning and understanding, or emotional reasons (ESARD, 2012). This is supported by a survey conducted by the National Literacy Trust (NLT) as part of Reading Connects (Clark and Foster, 2005), who found that the majority of children emphasised skills related reasons for reading. Half of the children said they read because it is a skill for life and because it will help them find what they want or need to know. More boys than girls reported that they read because it will help them get a job or because they have to. Girls indicated that reading is fun, teaches them how other people live and because it gives them a break.However, a study conducted by Dungworth et al (2004) showed results that pointed more strongly towards pleasure being a reason for children reading. This fitted in with the idea that reading was emotional, and related to the way reading made them feel. Some children also said that they read because it was relaxing. It should be noted that this survey was only conducted with year 5 pupils and therefore does not perhaps show a true representation of primary school children of all ages.The literature suggests that there is a split between reasons why children read. On the one hand there are the children who read for enjoyment and for relaxation, whilst others do it primarily because it is educational and informative. However, the majority of children do appear to lean towards more skill related reasons as to why they read. This indicates that the pleasure may be taken out of reading for them.


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