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In the 1930’s, researchers first developed steroids to rebuild and prevent the breakdown of body tissues from disease. The first use of steroids in sports was in 1954 at the world championships in Vienna, Austria. Russian weight lifters were using steroids and were merely invincible in their competition against other countries. The U.S. coach asked the Russians how they were accomplishing this, and they told him they were given steroids. This started the craze for steroids around the world especially in the United States.

Many scientists believe it can increase strength and body size, but others believe that using the drug makes you hostile and aggressive which makes you train harder therefore resulting in gained body size and strength. The main problem with steroids is the use of the drug by athletes in sporting events. I think you should not resort to a drug just to take you to the next level. This gives athletes a way to cheat or have an unfair advantage over other opponents. The main reason athletes use steroids is to get strong and get strong quickly. Steroids give the athletes increased muscle mass, strength, endurance, and recovery rates. Steroids also raise the aggression of the user which improves their performance in their sport and makes them feel as if they are invincible which in turn builds their confidence. In other words, this makes you bigger, faster, and stronger than everyone else.

Doctors and nutritionists suggest that by taking steroids, it’s the only way players can feel like a champ or advance their abilities to championship status and levels. They also believe that if MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, ECT, introduced stricter steroid punishment policies that the steroid usage would not stop. They think that it is too late for some athletes and they have become addicted to using steroids. Steroid use is part of the whole youthful belief that says, “If I just do this for a period of my life, I’ll be fine. I’ll smoke until I’m older. I’ll only binge drink in college. I’ll be anorexic or bulimic so I can run or make weight, and then I’ll stop being that way and I’ll go on and have a wonderful life.” That’s not how it works! That’s playing Russian roulette, which is not a game that should be encouraged. The only things that work to discourage taking steroids are testing and penalties. You can talk about personal responsibility all you want, but to stop steroid use, testing is