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To allocate a session key safely among genuine users, the Bennett and Brassard have projected the three essential hypothetical designs in work the hesitation of the quantum measurement1 and 4qubit states. To create a session key among genuine users the Bennett used two no orthogonal qubit states. Based on EPR pairs (Einstein- Podolsky- Rosen) the quantum key distribution protocol offered by Ekert, which needs recollections to protect qubits of the genuine participants. Even though, to create a session key without primarily distributing secret keys it agrees genuine users and for this it do not necessitate a trusted centre(TC). The security is maintained and planned is based on the guess of the authenticated users. However, These protocols might be suffer by the man in the middle attacks without any guesses by the participants.Tailored quantum cryptography protocol planned by the hwangetal that needs each duo of users to distribute a secret key before to selection by measuring bases. On the other hand, to confirm the exactness of the session key the users have to do the public negotiations. Each user and the trusted centre (TC) want to share before series of EPR pairs than the secret key. The three party Quantum Key Distribution Protocol projected for the above requirement. Accordingly, Einstein- Podolsky- Rosen(EPR) pairs are calculated and addicted, and the trusted centre(TC) and the user should reconstruct after one quantum key distribution execution.


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