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Meyer和Schvaneveldt(1971)进行的主要研究报告称,与不相关的单词相比,参与者对常见相关单词的反应更快。下一个实验是展示成对的单词,非单词或两者都有。在这个实验中,受试者识别单词对的速度比非单词快,当两个单词同时出现时,当第一个字符串是非单词时,受试者对“不”的反应更快。Wirth等人(2007)的一项研究得出结论,男性和女性的初始词汇语义获取几乎相同。然而,女性进行更深层次的语义分析,使女性更早、更持久地影响相关词汇的处理。因此,本研究表明加工的深度在语义分析中具有重要意义。另一个研究,涉及儿童的精神刺激在句子和字(词)处理技术中,发现女孩有更快的反应时间进行匹配和不匹配sentence-picture双也high-imageability vs低象性的话,认为女生比男生构造更加连贯和生动的心理模拟。研究表明,女性的反应更快的早期和吃岁收购与男性相比,然而,结果不显著。相比之下,研究表明男性显示较小的信号检测任务的响应时间比女性但没有发现性别差异在其他三个反应时间任务评估的所有研究,它是假设个体更快响应相关的词比不相关的词和非言词。此外,女性的RT也低于男性。本报告将有助于理解和观察不同的变量,如单词联想,单词和非单词的识别,以及单词处理中的性别差异。


The main study done by Meyer and Schvaneveldt (1971) reported that the participants responded faster to commonly associated words as compared to unrelated words. The next experiment consisted of showing pairs of words, nonwords or both. In this, the subjects were faster in identifying the pairs of words than nonwords and when both were presented as a pair, the subjects responded to “No” faster when the first string was a nonword.A study by Wirth et al. (2007) concluded that the initial lexical-semantic access is almost the same in males and females. However, women conduct a deeper semantic analysis which results in women earlier and longer lasting effect resulting in faster processing of related words. Therefore, this study shows that the depth of processing is significant in the semantic analysis.Another research, involving children’s mental stimulation during sentence and word processing, found that girls had faster reaction times for matching vs mismatching sentence-picture pairs and also a high-imageability vs low imageability words which concludes that girls construct more coherent and vivid mental simulations than boys .This study suggests that women respond faster to early and ate age of acquisition as compared to males however, the results were not significant .In contrast, a study suggests that males showed lesser response time in the signal detection task as compared to females but there were no gender differences found on the other three reaction-time tasks After evaluating all the studies, it is hypothesized that individuals respond faster to related words as compared to unrelated words and nonwords. In addition, females have a lesser RT compared to males. This report will help in understanding and observing different variables like word association, recognition of words and nonwords and also the gender differences in word processing.


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