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To bear witness therefore is to give meaning to an event that has taken place. The charity Karma Nirvana sought to give meaning to the lives of those women killed as a result of HBV. They led a successful campaign named ‘Britain’s Lost Women’ for a recognised national day of remembrance, the date chosen for this day is 14th July, Shafilea’s birthday[24]. I believe that my writing attempts to bear witness and give some meaning to Shafilea’s story. I hope that my words will honour her life, again that word ‘honour’ which must be reclaimed. It is essential for people like myself, to tell our own stories, to claim these narratives, to show them as we understand them with the experiences and histories that we carry within us.Returning to the concept of a resurrection, Orpheus’ journey to the Underworld began as a quest to bring his beloved back with him, what was resurrected was something different. During my creative writing process I have navigated through difficult questions, the resurrection was not what I initially imagined it to be. In the end the title itself speaks, I Was Here – as in the author’s pen, the writing, her name on a spine. I am here/she was here. I remember you/her, an inscription like a name on a tomb is carved. I was here is the very nature of graffiti. On the wall of the Chauvet-pont-d’Arc Cave in southern France is a handprint, made some 30,000 years ago, someone trying to say ‘I was here.’


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