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英国哲学essay代写: 思想的自由

黑格尔认为,就思想的自由而言,必须有一种普遍的自我意识,在这种意识中,一个人只有在别人把他看作一个自我认同的个体时,他才是一个自我认同的个体;这意味着一个人的意识依赖于他人(436- 437,162 -164)。他给的例子主人和奴隶,后者将前者视为他们的重点,在两个自我意识,反对彼此必须争夺主导地位,以便平等可能发生:暗示自我意识普遍存在在这个世界上,一个看起来好像是占主导地位的个体因为另一个人需要它被认可(黑格尔430 – 437,157 – 164)。也暗示主人需要保证人认出他作为他的身份继续当黑格尔的统治者:“一方面,这种关系是一个社会的需要和护理的满意度,因为掌握的方式,保证人,同样必须维持他的生活”(434,160)。因此,自我意识是普遍的,因为它依赖于所有关系中的每一个人都承认对方是一个个体(黑格尔423-429,151-157;434年,160年;436 – 437,162 – 164)。然后他认为,理性之所以成为心灵的一部分,是因为它不仅能够提出自己的思想,还能做出普遍的决定,这可能意味着它会考虑他人(黑格尔436- 439,162 -164)。理性被认为是主观和客观的,它使人的头脑不仅认识到自己,而且认识到他人。

英国哲学essay代写: 思想的自由

Hegel believes that in terms of freedom of the mind, there has to be a universal self-consciousness in which a person is only a self-identifying individual if others see them as one; this means that a person’s awareness is reliant on others (436-437, 162-164). He gives the example of the master and the bondsman where the latter views the former as their focus, in which two self-consciousnesses that oppose each other must battle for dominance so that equality can occur: implying the universal self-consciousness exists in a world where one looks as if it is dominant over the individual one because another person is needed for it to be recognized (Hegel 430-437, 157-164). It is also implied that the master needs the bondsman to recognize him as its ruler for his identity to remain when Hegel states: “On the one hand, this relationship is a community of need and of care of its satisfaction, since the means of mastery, the bondsman, must likewise be maintained of his life” (434, 160). Therefore, the self-consciousness is universal because it depends on everyone in all sorts of relationships to recognize each other as an individual being (Hegel 423-429, 151-157; 434, 160; 436-437, 162-164). He then argues that reason becomes a part of the mind in that it is able to come up with its own thoughts, but also make decisions that are universal, which possibly means that it considers others (Hegel 436-439, 162-164). Rationality then is considered to be both subjective and objective, in which it makes the person’s mind not only acknowledge themselves, but others as well.


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