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股票经纪人巴德•福克斯(Bud Fox)一直在无情地安排与他心目中的英雄戈登•盖柯(Gordon Gekko)会面。一个多月来,他每天都给办公室打电话,但他的努力都以失败告终。他注意到今天是戈登的生日,作为最后一次努力接近他钦佩的人,他拜访了戈登在曼哈顿的办公室。带着一盒最好最昂贵的古巴雪茄,巴德走向前台。她送完雪茄回来,让巴德坐下。一个小时过去了,她告诉巴德他和盖柯先生有五分钟的时间。他坚持不懈,不顾一切地想要登上顶峰,并与他所仰慕的人一起工作,这种想法一直延续到现在。当巴德走进办公室时,他注意到这是他能想到的一切。家具、最新的电脑系统和曼哈顿市中心的景色让他尝到了他梦寐以求的生活。坐在桌子后面的戈登正在打电话,巴德正在欣赏他周围的环境。戈登最终承认了巴德,并询问他的意图。巴德在那里向戈登推销股票,希望他能成为他的客户,但很快意识到他没有准备好,因为戈登总是说他的建议是垃圾,并没有印象。他终于让巴德给他点东西,否则就滚出去。得知自己正失去机会,巴德向戈登提供了一些内幕信息,这些信息是他前一天从父亲那里得到的,是他父亲工作的航空公司的股票。戈登带着理解离开了,他会考虑的。那天晚些时候,戈登打电话给巴德,订购了一批货。


Bud Fox, a stockbroker has been relentless in arranging a meeting with his hero Gordon Gekko. He has called his office, every day, for over a month, but his attempts have failed miserably. He notices that it is Gordon’s birthday and as a final effort to get to the man he admires he pays a visit to Gordon’s offices in Manhattan. Armed with a box of the finest and most expensive Cuban cigars Bud makes his way to the receptionist. She returns after delivering the cigars and has Bud take a seat. After an hour has passed, she tells Bud he has five minutes with Mr. Gekko. His persistence and desperation to get to the top and work with the person he admires has now come down to this moment.As Bud walks into the office, he notices it is everything he could have imagined. The furniture, latest computer systems and view of downtown Manhattan give him a taste of the life he so desperately wants. Gordon positioned behind his desk is talking on the phone as Bud is admiring his surroundings. Gordon finally acknowledges Bud and asks him his intentions. Bud is there to pitch stocks to Gordon in hopes of landing him as a client, but quickly realizes he is not prepared as Gordon constantly calls his recommendations crap and is unimpressed. He finally tells Bud to give him something or get out. Knowing that he is losing his opportunity, Bud gives Gordon insider information on a stock that he received from his father the day before on an airline business his father works for. Gordon has Bud leave with the understanding he will think about it. Later that day Gordon calls Bud and places an order for the stock.


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