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广告具有惊人的影响力和影响力,能够影响人们对世界的看法和看法。在第十九世纪末,随着社会文化和经济的转变,从生产者到消费者的经济,广告开始在美国的消费主义社会发挥重大作用。广告回应了不断变化的商业需求、媒体技术和文化框架,都希望使产品对消费者更具吸引力。在世纪之交之前,公司的广告以顾客怀旧为目标,而当时的怀旧情绪在获得产品关注方面占据了主导地位[ 1 ]。随着时间的推移,广告发生了巨大的变化。由世纪现代广告出现执行广告主,像Edward Bernays一样,他沉迷于广告吸引奢侈休闲[ 2 ]。广告是从客观信息描述到主观描写,以唤起消费者的希望和焦虑,更多地是基于欲望而不是需求。第十九至第二十世纪,由于种种原因,顾客价值观念发生了变化,导致人们购买较少的必需品和更理想的产品,从而引起形式和功能上的巨大广告转移,以优化公司的利润。


Advertisements have an astounding power and ability to influence people’s opinions and ideas of the world. In the late 19th century, with the socio-cultural and economic shift from producer to consumer economy, advertisements began to play a major role in the consumerist society of the United States. Advertising responded to evolving business demands, media technologies and cultural frameworks, all in hopes of making products more appealing to consumers. Before the turn of the century, company ads targeted customer nostalgia, which at the time was very dominant in gaining product attention[1]. As time progressed, ads drastically changed. By the turn of the century modern advertisements emerged with executive advertisers, like Edward Bernays, who indulged in ads appealing to extravagance and leisure[2]. Advertisements evolved from portraying objective information to subjective depictions in order to evoke the hopes and anxieties of consumers, basing purchases more on desire rather than need. Customer values shifted due to various reasons between the 19th and 20th centuries, leading people to purchase less necessities and more desirable products, thus causing dramatic advertisement shifts in both form and function in order to optimize companies’ profits.


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