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专业服务在学术界一般指教师提供行政和学术贡献,大学,社会、国家以及国际社会。哪些是专业服务,千差万别的特定机构。参与的程度预计的教员通常根据机构的大小不同。因此,服务意味着提供志愿援助或委托致力于某一特定部门的教员是一个员工。这些职责可能包括参与部门、教师或大学委员会。领导需要在直接参与这个领域的学术界(Kamaruzaman &西蒂Akmar,2010 b)。学术领袖应该能够明白,重要的是要成为已知的大学外,当地和国际社区。此外,参与专业的当地和国际社会活动可以是一个有用的方式实现卓越的学术界。这些领导人的影响,有助于创造性或学术提供专业服务。


Professional service in academia generally refers to the provision of administrative and academic contributions to the faculty, university, society, nation as well as the global community. What qualifies as professional service, again, varies greatly upon the specific institution. The degree of involvement expected of the faculty member usually varies according to the size of the institution. Hence, service means providing voluntary assistance or commissioned commitment to a particular department of which the faculty member is a staff. Such duties might include participation on departmental, faculty or university-level committees and beyond. Leadership takes on a direct role in this sector of academia (Kamaruzaman & Siti Akmar, 2010b) .The academic leader should be able to understand that it is important to become known outside of the university, local and international communities. Furthermore, participation in professional local and international society activities can be a useful way of attaining excellence in the academia. It is the influence of these leaders that help to provide professional service that is creative or scholarly.


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