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英文毕业论文代写 以工作时间获得高报酬 longer working hours, higher-paying

With the development of thesociety, people pay more concern on whether choose a high-paying job with longhours or a low-paying job with short hours. There are different opinions on it,and the topic become more and more conspicuous.


Every coin has two sides. The twochoices have their own advantages and disadvantages, but I support that ahigh-paying job with long hours is better. One of the reasons is that I am aworkaholic, a high-paying job with long hours can afford more opportunities tomake great progress to challenge myself, and the success will satisfy my senseof achievement to a great extent. And what I want to emphasize is that this isan economic society which requires me to see the reality clearly. A high-payingjob means a high position in the society, so I can get more respect andadmiration from others. I should also take on the responsibility of providing abetter life for my family, such as a big house, a private car, plenty of food,beautiful clothes, the best education and medical treatments and so on. What’smore, in the long run, with a high paying-job, I’ll save up much money for thelife in the future, in other words, even though I retire in old age, I canstill give my family an easy life. Last but not least, we are young now, if wedon’t work hard, what do we live for when we get old in the future?


In short, when we are young andstrong, working hard is the best choice. Cheer up! Come on!