Politics Essay 代写:罗尔斯正义原则分析

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 Politics Essay 代写:罗尔斯正义原则分析





 Politics Essay 代写:罗尔斯正义原则分析

Justice as a concept balanced between law and morality, which is used to create and promote social harmony. The concept of justice can be defined in many ways according to different theories. In Rawls' theory, just is defined as fairness, in which every individual deserves the same opportunities to succeed as others.

In this paper, we would like to have a close look at Rawls' concept as well as two principles of justice. Based on his theory, an analysis of capitalism and socialism in terms of social justice is developed. Through further comparison, we aim to find out which model most closely approximates Rawls' principles of justice.

Rawls develops his principles of Justice through an artificial device called "original position". In this position, everyone is self-interested, rational and stands behind the "Veil of Ignorance". Since individuals' different perceptions and choices of good, which stem from the social stratifications, is one of the major causes of social injustice. The "veil" is designed to keep people away from all information about themselves, including our sex, race, social class, generation and so on. However, we do have a general idea of human nature, history, sociology as well as psychology. Behind the veil of ignorance, we are expected to select principles which are fair to all and to judge in an objective and impartial way. This ensures that whatever the rules are chosen, they will be applied equally to every social member.

People in the original position are motivated by the quality of "self-interestedness", i.e., every one is motivated to act in an enlightened and informed way, which seems most advantageous to himself. In addition, in the original position, the individual is expected to act in a rational way. This means he has a sense of self-respect and his choice and perception of good will not be dictated by others. People are assumed to take efficient and effective means to realized desired ends. As proposed in the original position, no one is allowed to seek benefits for one's own at the expense of others' interests.