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Simply Recipes app is the next step in food recipe apps, and unlike anything currently on the market today. The goal of this app is to save users money while at the same time reducing food wastage and getting its users eating healthier. It’s an easy and straight forward app that anyone can use and enjoy.One of the unique selling points of this app is the ability to select what items you have left in your fridge and the app will come up with recipes that will use as many of those ingredients up as possible. So if all you have left in your fridge is say an avocado, some goats cheese and beef, it will find recipes encompassing as many of these ingredients as possible. The healthy aspect comes in when browsing recipes that will contain nutritional information on how healthy the recipe is.If you are still in need of some ingredients it will create a shopping basket automatically for your desired ingredients and show the user deals and offers for the required ingredients at several supermarkets. This would allow the user to go to a store nearby to pick up your order or have it home delivered. As not all the items your want would be part of a recipe, or you may want to add something to the dish, the app would also gives the user an option to purchase any other items they require from the chosen supermarket sells.

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