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阿伯泰邓迪大学论文代写: 国际商务面临的伦理问题

阿伯泰邓迪大学论文代写: 国际商务面临的伦理问题





阿伯泰邓迪大学论文代写: 国际商务面临的伦理问题

This essay going to discuss about Ethic and Ethical problem that may faced when doing business internationally. Moreover, this essay going to discuss more deeply in culture different in each country because each countries will have different ways of life, different ways of thinking and also different personnel attitude in the workplace which many international firms will faced from their employees whose came from many different countries. As these result, one researcher

( Hurley, 2009) found that every international firms and their Human Resource manager needs to understand each countries culture so their employees will not be treated unfairly which can cause unsatisfactory name to the company from outsider views. Also, if the companies are listed in the stock market, not only bad reputation that will effect companies name but also it will effect to the stock price of the company, which will make company be in the serious situation if the stock price was down because bad reputation in the ways of treating of the employees. Not only company which got effected but also the shareholders will got effect either in lower of the stock price

( Nicholson , 2009). From these reason international firms can not let these situation happened in the company. These essays will provide useful information to the reader about the definition of Ethic, ethical theories with business example which will relevant to many countries that have different culture. Further more, these essay will provide the real experience of mine that I faced when I was working with Toyota Company in Thailand.

Why study Ethic? There are lots of answers that can answer these questions. In particular, today you can see from the news around the world that there are lots of terrorists that cause a lot of problems around the world. All of these consequences are from less in ethical in people. (Mackinnon,2006, p.2) Also, the ways the companies’ treats to their employees are relevant to Ethic and moral. So what is ethic? Ethic is a moral philosophy which is the basic philosophy that ask in the question of right and wrong and also where it is.(Mackinnon,2006,p.3) Another meaning, ethic has a value in it own and it can understand the nature and the scope of moral philosophy from it own.(Pojman,2005, p.xviii). From these two ideals, it can say that you cannot judge other people that are from different countries or different culture that their action or perception are wrong. For example, some cultures approve of abortions while other cultures do not.(Geirsson,2010 , p.1) There are three ideals of Ethical theories which are Utilitarianism( Teleology ) , Deontology and Golden rules which will be discuss as follow.