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英语论文范文 公共演讲的好处 benefits of public speaking

Public speaking is bothinteresting and challenging. It is interesting because it asks you to come to abetter understanding of human nature and human communication. It is challengingbecause it asks you to take a risk, to put yourself in a situation where youcan succeed or fail in your effort to make a difference. As you go further,however, you will find more benefits of public speaking go beyond learning howto express yourself orally. The process of your speaking improves suchpractical skills as the following:


1. Organizational Skills


The ability to organize ideas isa skill you will employ before you ever write a speech. As you practice, youwill also discover that the organizational skills are so essential in composingspeeches because it requires your skills of outlining, planning, organizing andpresenting your ideas logically.


2. Writing Skills


Many of the skills you use tocompose good speeches are the same as those you need to write well. Thepractice you gain preparing speeches will improve your ability to express yourideas on paper. You will learn how to get your audience’s attention, how toorganize your ideas clearly, and how to find more evidences to support your ideas.These skills will be beneficial to your writing.


3. Critical Thinking


As we know, it’s important to guidestudents to think and to analyze. Public speaking skills and related listeningskills provide valuable tools for the critical analysis of ideas. By studyingthe use of supportive materials and persuasive strategies, you’ll learn how tofind an argument’s weak points and learn to ask questions, which needs greatcritical thinking.


4. Research Skills


Often, when students are asked toprepare a report, they go to the library or search the Internet to look for thereference books or articles they need. You will get into contact with a varietyof research materials and select something most valuable to you.


5. Listening Skills


Speaking and listening go hand inhand. Whenever someone gives a speech, there is an audience to listen to it. Bylearning good speaking techniques, you’ll prepare speeches within audience’sunderstanding. You will also learn how to listen to other speakers in order tohear all the key points.


6. Strain Capacity


Giving a speech to a group ofpeople involves a great deal of risk. However, it is true that by learning howto give a speech in front of a group, your self-confidence will grow, which helpsyou to confident enough to communicate with others and adapt to differentsituations. To a large extent, success in life depends on your ability to adaptto your environment and feel good about yourself.