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When considering a marketing objective it begins with the company’s financial objectives. Profitability, return on investment, and cash flow are the most common elements. The financial objectives are converted into marketing objectives. After marketing objectives are determined, then the company creates new marketing strategies, strategic marketing plan. Marketing strategy is the process of evaluating the options for achieving the marketing goals. Consumer in a market are seldom uniform and often have different needs and wants (Rodengen, 1995). Diet Dr. Pepper’s advertising campaign is based on an assumed nostalgia for days when drinking “regular” soft drinks did not reflect some form of moral failure to avoid excess calorie intake. Not only that. The form of this nostalgia is telling: a sleazy lawyer-type makes faulty arguments based on the assumption that Diet Dr. Pepper tastes so much like regular Dr. Pepper that any legal claim brought to bear with regard to Diet Dr. Pepper must be wrong because it has mistaken it for a diet beverage when it clearly tastes like a non-diet beverage. Therefore consumers need to be segmented. That called market segmentation strategy. From this segments marketer identifies, evaluates and select target market based on similarities of needs. Diet Dr Pepper competes in a dynamic and constantly changing category that makes it difficult to increase market share and sustain long-term brand growth. Main factors that challenge the brand’s growth include the following:



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