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英语论文写作 父母是最好的教师parents are the best teachers

For most parents, when they send their children to school, they think that it is the teachers’ responsibility to educate their children. So when the children make mistakes, they blame on the school. In fact, parents are the children’s best teachers, they also have the responsibility to educate the children.


The children live with the parents, they spend so much time at home, so the parents’ saying and behaviors will affect them deeply. Children will treat their parents as the examples and learn from them. So the parents must pay attention to themselves, cause if they do the wrong thing, the children will learn it. 


For a child, he believes his parents so much. When he finds out that there is contradiction between the teacher and his parents, he will ask the parents’ opinion. Finally he will follow what the parents tell him. Most parents ignore their effect on the kids and forget about their responsibility as the teachers. 


There is no doubt that parents are the children’s best teachers. They play the important role in educating the children. 


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