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Religion Essay 代写: 基督教在非洲内陆教会坦桑尼亚

Religion Essay 代写:  基督教在非洲内陆教会坦桑尼亚

本研究的主要目的是应对在轧花厂的姆万扎教区AICT信徒派的斗争。本文试图找出什么是主要的原因,基督徒合一的斗争,影响融合和解决这个问题,如何提高或改善他们的信仰的信徒。然而,本研究在以下几个方面:在教堂的融合不仅使信徒在教会中绝望,也破坏了分享Jesus Christ的福音不信的人的权力。

然而,由于融合的研究,发现大多数信徒在教会的轧棉厂实践融合。这表明,许多基督徒谁相信Jesus Christ的名字回应积极和消极的信念。这项研究表明,许多基督徒混合两个或两个以上的信仰,导致一些基督徒的互动与不同的信仰影响他们是精神上的成熟。这是非洲内陆的坦桑尼亚教会所面临的一个大问题(AICT)。


对信徒的轧棉厂经历了传统宗教所熟悉。因此,当他们尝试新的宗教在他们的情况下,他们可以混合传统和新的宗教。这种情况发生在非洲内陆教堂的轧花厂。在混合的轧花厂两信仰很多基督徒,这是融合,这影响了基督教的生活。然而,Lundbland说,“大多数非洲基督徒仍然在危机时刻的传统宗教习俗和信仰。”[ 1 ]本文要强调非洲内陆教会信徒在坦桑尼亚的轧棉厂当地的教会,实践融合,融合的原因,这个问题如何影响信徒的信仰。因此,基督徒的结果实施融合是基督教徒的不成熟。

Religion Essay 代写:  基督教在非洲内陆教会坦桑尼亚

The main aim of this study is to deal with the syncretistic struggles of AICT believers at Nassa Ginnery in Mwanza Diocese. The paper intends to find out what are the main causes of Syncretism with which Christians struggle, the effects of syncretism and the solution to this problem and how can believers raise or improve their believing. However, this research based in the following: Syncretism in the church does not only make believers hopeless in the church, but also destroys the power of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unbelievers.

However, due to the study of the syncretism discovered the majority of believers at Nassa Ginnery practice syncretism in the church. This shows that many Christians who believe in the name of Jesus Christ respond positive and negative beliefs. The study shows that many Christians mixing two or more beliefs which cause some Christians’ interactions with different beliefs affected them to be spiritual mature. This is a big problem which faces Africa Inland Church of Tanzania (AICT).

The research provides awareness of syncretism that brings challenges to the church growth and to the process of making disciples. The church leaders should be aware of it in order to find a solution to this problem in advance.

The believers of Nassa Ginnery have experienced to traditional religions which have been familiar with it. Therefore, when they try new religion in their situations they get to mix both traditional and new religions. This situation is taking place in the Africa Inland Church at Nassa Ginnery. Many Christians at Nassa Ginnery mix two beliefs, which is syncretism and this has affected the life of Christianity. However, Lundbland says, “Most African Christians still resort to the practices and beliefs of the traditional religions in the time of crisis.” [1] This paper is going to emphasize on believers of Africa Inland Church Tanzania at Nassa Ginnery local church, practicing syncretism, the causes of syncretism and how this problem affects believers’ faith. Therefore, the result of Christians of practicing in syncretism is Christian’s immaturity.