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怎么写essay 网上购物 shopping online

With the developmentof information industry, there are more and more people shopping online. Shoppingonline means shopping on the Internet without going out. Therefore, on the onehand, shopping online has its advantage. One the other hand, shopping on linealso has its disadvantage.


First of all, shoppingonline is very convenient. People can buy thing only they have a computer,which can surf the Internet. They don’t need to go out on a rainy day or underthe shining sun. Meanwhile, people can save their time to finish their work orother things. On the contrary, as people just decide what they buy depending onthe picture placed by the shop owner, they can’t see the quality before theyreceive the product. Sometimes people maybe buy the things are in low quality,or some fake products.


In general,shopping online has its advantage and disadvantage. In my opinion, I prefershopping online than shopping on the street.


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