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怎么写thesis 教育为什么如此之重要?why education is important

Whenasked about why education is important, different people hold differentattitude. Some people think education is a social phenomenon , there isinexistence or not important, while the rest think education is very essential.Personally, I think education is a good way to cultivate successors.


First,education can help a man of good conduct. When a kid is growing, he doesn’tknow how to distinguish good or bad, so , he need to be taught by his parentsor teachers to identify the right thing, Then he can be a good man and adjusthimself to the modern society. Second, nowadays, the world is intellectual,people live in this world without knowledge will be very hard to survive. So,the education is very important, people have to learn academically knowledge tolive a better life.


Therefore,a natural conclusion can be drawn that education is a way to make people tobecome a intelligent and good behavior one, besides it’s never too old tolearn.


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