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怎样写论文 自残很蠢self-mutilation is stupid

Sometimes people will do some extreme things when they feel tremendous pressure, they might do self-mutilation. Instead of expressing their feelings openly, they take them out on their bodies by cutting or burning themselves, picking their skin. Taking an overdose, bruising themselves or pulling their hair out. But there are psychological consequences as well, including feeling shame about the behavior and fearing social rejection if they admit to hurting themselves. In my point of view, I think it is time to stop hurting body and facing problems positively.


Think of your parents when you are about to hurting yourself. Most self-injurers would like to choose cutting wrists. However, without any medical knowledge, they have a big chance to cut the main artery, and they probably would die of excessive loss of blood. Think of your parents who give life to you and you don’t treasure it at all; think of they have to pick up the phone which from your friends or relatives to say “I’m sorry for your loss”. Even though they are already heart broken, they have to keep on being a parent, even though they don’t get to have a child anymore. Therefore, stop hurting the body that come from your parents, it is not only belongs to you, but your parents.


To sum up, when people are facing to something they cannot handle or some problems that they don’t want to share with others, try not to hurting bodies to release this emotion, the right thing to do is find someone you trust and solve the problem together. Even the problem cannot be solved, at least you don’t want to hurt yourself so desperately.