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芝加哥作业代写 现代企业最想要的人才类型 what kind of talent did the modern enterprise want the most

In the 21st century, the talent quality of hardworkingand dependable is no longer the only thing that the enterprise required. Infact, those two qualities are the basic constitution, now the requirement oftalent is more comprehensive. The perspective to define a talent is differentnow.


  First,the enterprise prefers the one who could combine innovate and practice. Basically,the value comes from innovate, but only after combined with the innovation andpractice, can the value work the maximal effect. We can not be restricted tothe repetitive tasks. We should always keep creating new ideas.


  Second,the enterprise is more fancy the cross-domain talent. 21st century isthe century that combines different field and industry. The modern society andenterprise is no only require specializing to the professional field, but alsoto know about the relevant major and field, combine them and solved theproblems effective.


  Finally,the IQ, EQ, SQ issue. When we define one man is successful or not, we do notlook into his academic record or intelligence quotient (IQ), but the balance developmentof intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and spiritual quotient.


  Tosum up, if we want to survive in this competitive society, we need a comprehensivedevelopment to adapt to the requirement of the modern enterprise, or we willeliminated by the society.


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