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    The generation gap refers to the difference in attitude toward thing or the lack of understanding between young people and older folks.
    In families as well as in society, the young and the older may not agree with each other on this and that from time to time. Young people would llke to make as much money as they could and spend as much money as they could earn while older folks are easily satisfied with what they earn and save as much as possible. Young people llke the exciting and deafening pop music while older folks prefer melodious folk-songs or classic music. A boy and a glrl today may fall in love with each other as quick as lightning, while their parents or grand parents might trudge over a long distance before they kissed each other and became lovers when they were young.
    However, we should not be amazed at the generation gap,for it is quite natural in the development of society.  The world is a changing world, in which everything keeps changing, generations of human beings included. And changes lead to progress.