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论文英语 The need for proficient management of HR




HR Essay HR Assignment 英语论文

For the success of the every organization, it is very important to manage human resource proficiently and find whether its employees are satisfied, or not. If they are satisfied only then they’ll work with full grit and commitment and create positive image of the organization.

Basically during this extremely aggressive world the success of every organization depends on its human capital. A satisfied, happy and reliable employee is the valuable asset of the organization. Competent human resource management and higher job satisfaction level determine performance of the organization and also affect the growth and performance of entire economy.

One of the most imperative problem facing organizations today is how to control the work related stress between employees that after cope up they work more productively and to increase their levels of satisfaction, involvement, and commitmentand and for that purpose The management standards for work-related stress were lunched in November 2004. It encourages organizations to take protective measures through a risk assessment.

Beceause The important link established in this research has got major consideration in previous literature. These constructs are most important to overall organizational performance like higher the stress the lower will be the employee’s job satisfaction and thus lower level of commitment (Elangovan, 2001). As a result lower level of commitment leads to higher intention to quit the organization (Elangovan, 2001; Meyer & Allen, 1990). and over all performance of the firm decreases (Ton &Huckman, 2008; Montgomeray, Blodgett & Barness, 1996).

Impacts of high stress entails low job commitment, which directly contribute to voluntarily termination of employees (Parasuraman, Alutto,1994) and may lead to low overall firm’s performance (Ton, Huckman,2008;Montgomeray, Blodgett & Barness, 1996). Basically Stress is unavoidable in our society (Jaramillo, Nixon & Sams, 2004) but direct action, on the lookout for instrumental support and resignation (Hall, Viola, Chater &Willson, 2006) can mitigate its consequences and impacts. Meyer and Allen (1998) They further state that positive early work experience results in high affective job commitment.

Chusmir (1982) findings also naked that both women and men respond in the same manner to job commitment, but women react the situiation some times in a different manner. Further the researcher explore three independent variables i.e. sex role conflict, satisfaction of needs and work commitment that can influence their job commitment. . Elangovan, (2001) conducted a research which exposed that mostly higher the degree of stress, contains the lower is the level of satisfaction and thereby increased job commitment.

This research focuses on measuring the impact of stress on job commitment in

Collectivist Pakistani context. We hope that these finding will add value in research in terms of sample from a developing world country like Pakistan.

Because the nature of a business is dynamic and everyone is trying to meet the all requirements,demands of the modern organizational practice that are changing rapidly it may be in a term of job commitment, satisfaction, performance, timings which are increased the chances of stress break through among employees and it’s becoming crucial for managers to identify sources and formulate strategies to reduce it, or improve the commitment of the employees about thier job.

“Stress, like Einstein’s theory of relativity, is a scientific concept which has suffered from the mixed blessing of being too well known and too little understood.” (Dr Hans Selye)

Stress has been defined in different ways over the years. Originally, it was conceived as pressure from the environment, then as sprain within the person. Stress is dynamic state in which a person is confronted with an opportunity, or demand, relate to what the individual desires and for which the outcome is alleged to be both hazy and vital.

(Selye, 1936).

THE life science firstly introduced the idea of stress. He defined stress as the force, pressure, or tension subjected upon an individual who resists these forces and attempt to uphold its true state. But the work started on the stress from the 14th century to till at that time. The HSE (Health Safety Executive Uk) also defines

That some stress can be good, and some can be bad. Stress can be understood more broadly as, when someone realizes the pressures happens on them, or feel the rations of a situation, are wider than their detection that they can handle. Stress exists in every organization either the nature of a work is big or small and organizations have become so much intricate due to which it exists, work place stress has significant effects over the employees job performance, and every organizations are trying to cope with this scenario, (R. Anderson, 2003).

In every organization and at every level of management and workers an elevated average level of stress is to be found which mostly has an effect on employee’s job performance, job commitment, job satisfaction (Rose, 2003). Stress on job can be avowed as the outcome of an individual due to the working environment from which he feels unsecured.

Employees of the every organization plays a vital role in the sucees of the organization, beceause the success of the organization is depenedent on the productivity,perfomence ,and participation of the employee towards his job work, so beceause of bad stress employee is always trying to leave the organization.

论文英语 The need for proficient management of HR