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美国大学论文代写 电脑让人们变得更孤独吗?(一)do computers make people lonelier

Step into the newcentury, computers have already become an indispensable part of our dailylives. We do not only use the computers to do business, but also entertainment.While the computers bring us lots of convenient, some people argue that it makepeople lonelier and decrease our social skills. Due to the Internet, we don’tneed to go outside to communicate with others face to face. And I do think thatcomputers make people lonelier to some extend for the following reasons.


First, computershave too many functions that people can easily get indulging in the computersgames, especially teenagers. Playing computer games, they don’t hand out withpeers any more. In the second place, many people cannot live without computers.To some of them, if they don’t surf the Internet for one day, don’t check theirpersonal blog, or update their weibo, they will feel really uncomfortable. Somepeople even become net-potato. It is fine for them not to speak with others allday long, but they can’t help surfing the Internet. Such phenomenon isubiquitous; people rather lock themselves up with computers than going outsideto find someone who can talk with. As to these people, computer is their bestfriend.


There is nodenying that computers do provide us with numerous convenient. But we do becomeless active when we spend too much time on the Internet. We should change thissituation, go outside with our friends, and communicate with them, face toface.


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