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本研究的目的是探讨基于证据和基于结果的管理方法在公共政策领域的应用程度,以改善政策绩效反馈(绩效信息或政策是否成功的证据)。为了达到这一目的,研究者将会受到两个主要研究问题的指导。要解决的第一个问题是:为什么对结果和问责的日益关注与对基于证据的政策和项目的日益增长的需求交织在一起?换句话说,科学(基于证据的政策制定方法)和政策制定之间的联系的进展如何改进政策评估?研究人员认为,一个基于科学证据的政府不仅可以实施完善的政策,而且还可以对其政策执行有效的绩效评估。Lasswell(引用Hoppe 1999:1)认为,政策科学是关于政策知识的生产和应用。希望成功解决政治议程上问题的政策制定者,应该能够调动现有的最佳知识。这需要高质量的政策知识。在民主国家,政策制定者和公民也需要知道政策过程是如何演变的。这需要对政策有精确的了解。两者之间有明显的联系:政策的知识越多,就越容易在政策中调动知识。


The purpose of this study is to explore the extent to which Evidence based and Results based management approaches are being applied in SA in the area of public policy with an aim of improving policy performance feedback (performance information or evidence of whether policies are successful or not). In order to achieve this purpose the researcher will be guided by two main research questions. The first question to be addressed is: Why does the increased attention to outcomes and accountability intersect with the growing demand for evidence-based policies and programs? In other words, how does the advancement of connections between science (evidence-based policy making approach) and policy making improve policy evaluation? The researcher will contend that a government that basis its policy decisions on scientific evidence enhances its chances not only of implementing sound policies but also of executing effective performance evaluation of its policies. According to Lasswell (quoted by Hoppe 1999:1), policy science is about the production and application of knowledge of and in policy. Policymakers, who desire to successfully tackle problems on the political agenda, should be able to mobilise the best available knowledge. This requires high quality knowledge in policy. Policymakers and, in a democracy, citizens, also need to know how policy processes really evolve. This demands precise knowledge of policy. There is an obvious link between the two: the more and better knowledge of policy, the easier it is to mobilise knowledge in policy.


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