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缺乏沟通是一个屏障,阻止父母的参与。不同的期望和对彼此的误解的目标会导致不确定的和脆弱的,和有争议的关系(Risko & Walker-Dalhouse,2009)。父母接受负面沟通或没有沟通学校往往有信任问题。信任问题让父母相信学校有不友好的环境。同样,如果家长有一个糟糕的经历作为一个年轻的孩子与教师,这种经历可以离开父母害怕自己的孩子老师说话。这些负面看法的学校被很多家长应该用一些积极的对学校的看法。许多家长没有意识到需要帮助,因为学校没有广告的机会。虽然有些学校发送信息与家长参与不同类型的活动,这并不是发生在每一个学校。许多父母会感到渴望来到学校志愿服务,如果他们被邀请到学校。父母是最有可能同意参与课堂活动如果他们直接问老师做一个特定的任务。学校应该努力建立和维护一个欢迎和响应学校的氛围.


Lack of communication is one barrier that prevents parental involvement. Differences in expectations and misunderstandings about each other goals can lead to uncertain and tenuous, and contentious relationships (Risko & Walker-Dalhouse, 2009). Parents who receive negative communication or no communication from schools tend to have trust issues. The trust issue leads parents to believe the school has an unfriendly climate. Also, if a parent had a bad experience as a young child with teachers, that experience could leave a parent fearful of speaking to their own children teachers. These negative perceptions of schools held by many parents should be replaced with some positive perceptions of the school.Many parents are not aware that help is needed because the school has not advertised the opportunities. Although some schools send out information pertaining to parental involvement with different types of activities, this does not happen at every school. Many parents would feel eager to come to the school to volunteer their services, if they were invited into the schools. Parents are most likely to agree to partake in a classroom activity if they are asked directly by the teacher to do a specific task. Schools should work to build and maintain a welcoming and responsive school atmosphere


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