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Another important point is cultural heritage transmission which lightened up my discussion further about setting up an ideal classroom. The implementation of the UK National Curriculum in my school showed that there are certain amount of knowledge and ideas which should be passed on to all children if they are to benefit of its full range of educational insights. It was beneficial for all children as this style of teaching includes differentiation, learning through play, literacy hour in class, shared reading, guided reading and circle time. The Arabic language is taught as one of the core subjects and the parents are not satisfied with the style of teaching Arabic as they see that their children make better progress in English and enjoy the quality work given to them. The schools are compelled to follow the Arabic curriculum as the way it is transmitted from one generation to another and the pupils make no benefit from it and this distorts the eagerness of them because this curriculum is old fashioned which gives importance to lot of board work and seat work. As Bottery explains if the educators in our school, are able to work upon the learners’ interests and capabilities and modify the Arabic curriculum according to the needs of the learners I am sure success in all areas will soon be achieved.


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