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史米斯在他的2004报告中指出的主要问题是教师的专业知识的供应,这应该是数学教学的基础。史密斯的报告的主要结果,根据顶点的报告(2006)建立数学及其社区的一个渠道,并通过数学首席顾问创造建立一个链接,技能和LSC之间。这一措施导致了数学教学发展的连贯性和集中性。 有必要了解史米斯报告的建议对数学教育的启示。资金需要作出许多建议,这需要来自教育部。有必要提高教师进入数学教育领域的要求。极致的必要功能,技能和LSC的是提升和发展数学教师的作用,这应包括后一级资质在学科教学科的需要。还有一个需要的主题,使学生更具吸引力,让他们更了解的主题,并能够从事的主题。这也可以是有一个教师,有资格有资格教授的主题,从而有能力从事这门学科的学生。有必要对数学教师进行持续的支持和培训。这应该是进入该行业的必要条件。


The main problem noted by Smith in his 2004 Report was the supply of teachers with a specialist knowledge which should be fundamental to the teaching of mathematics. The two main outcomes of the Smith Report, according to the ACME Report (2006) was to establish a channel for mathematics and its community, and to establish a link through the creation of a Chief Advisor on Mathematics, between the DfES and the LSC. This measure has resulted in the coherent and focused approach to the development of mathematics teaching.
It is necessary to understand the implications which the recommendations the Smith Report suggested have had on mathematics education. Funding is required to make many of the recommendations and this needs to come from the Department of Education. It is also necessary to improve the entry requirements of teachers into the mathematical field of education. The necessary function of ACME, the DfES and the LSC’s is to enhance and develop the role of the mathematics teachers and this should include the need for a post A-Level qualification in the subject to teach the subject. There is also a need for the subject to be made more attractive for students to allow them to be more aware of the subject and to be able to engage the subject. This also can be an effect of having a teacher who is suitably qualified to teach the subject, thus having the ability to engage the student in this discipline. There is a need for the constant support and training for the mathematics teacher. This should be a necessary requirement for entry into the profession.


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