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英国论文代写价格 会议




英国论文代写价格 会议

The purpose of the conference was to discuss post-war settlements and to reach a final agreement concerning “…the UN’s structure and membership and set the date of the San Francisco organizing conference” The world leaders eventually agreed on Roosevelt’s proposal to give certain members a veto powers “that the Organization could take no important action without their joint consent.” Though the veto power question created a lot of disagreement among the different signatories, its inclusion in the charter was never a matter of negotiation for Roosevelt and his allies. Finally, during the Yalta conference, Stalin agreed to make the USSR a member of the United Nations. The most important American contribution to the United Nations system is perhaps the Bretton Woods conference. This conference took place in 1944 and its goal was “to create a new international monetary and trade regime that was stable and predictable.” This new system opened world markets, promoted a liberal economy and was implemented through different institutions, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The United Nations was the first international governmental organization to receive significant support from the United States. This was almost assumed to of happened after the changing foreign policy of the United States durring and before World War Two causing more of an open and readily adaptable foreign policy usuable on the world stage. This was much different than the past non-invoulvement in organizations such as the Leauge of Nations which was ultimatly not joined by the United states due to Congress.

The United States does infact have a very vivid history within the United Nations aswell. Shortly after the establishment of the United Nations, the United States came into conflict with another member of the Security Council. Since the Soviet Union was a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, it had the power to veto any binding UN resolution. In fact, Soviet foreign minister and UN ambassador Vyacheslav Molotov used veto power twice as often as any other permanent member, earning him the title “Mr. Veto”. This tension being created between the world superpowers was showing its true colors at the United Nations and the whole world was able to see. Relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union within the UN have evolved in step with the larger geopolitical situation between the two powers. While the Soviet Union was boycotting the Security Council and China’s seat was represented by U.S.-friendly Republic of China (instead of the communist People’s Republic of China which would replace the ROC in the UN in 1971), the U.S. and UN jointly condemned the invasion of South Korea by North Korean troops, leading to the UN sanctioned Korean War. This event caused a big spark to the already intensely electrified air of the time period.