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Extensive counseling should be provided to ensure that the student develops a good idea of what is a feasible course for the future.To the farthest extent possible entrance examination studies should be incorporated into elective geared towards the syllabi of these examinations.The above recommendations strike at the government policy level and are by no means easy to implement. Moreover while they have an almost utopian quality, these policies are bound to be bogged down by bureaucratic hurdles and administrative red tape. Most significantly implementing these policies would require the kind of political will that has not been seen at the centre or state governments since independence. These policies are bound to raise several objections amongst people doubting their soundness. They are however nothing but an extrapolation of the more successful education practices implemented in the USA and the UK placed into the Indian scenario.Following are recommendations at a graduate and post-graduate level of higher education. Higher education in India is not controlled by the government to the extent primary and secondary school education is.


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