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在学习策略时,学生应该有与学习策略相关的自由选择,比如学习方法的种类,学习的时间和地点。在自主学习中,学生有更多的自由,即使学习目标仍然在教师的控制之下,例如在选择目标、自我测试和反馈/判断过程中。正如Simon等人(1995)所描述的,在任何学习的开始阶段,简单的独立形式应该比复杂的独立形式占用更多的时间,而复杂形式的独立形式则会逐渐增加时间。然而,更复杂的独立形式可以进行规范,而且只能在一个人有较高专业水平的主题方面实施。简单地说,应该有更多的独立工作,在开始阶段就与主题相关的一些战略学习,这将为策略学习提供更多的空间,也包括不太熟悉的主题,以及一些关于熟悉主题的自主学习空间。更重要的是,通过定期展示和讨论,将重要的思想、学习和监管技能公布于众。“学习和思考的主要障碍之一是,这些过程是隐藏的,并且保持不可见的”(new learning ref),学生们没有意识到,所有人都有很多不同的方法来完成任务,而不是相信他们的方法是学习新事物的唯一可能的方法。


When learning strategically, students should have freedom of choice related to the learning strategy such as what kinds of learning approach to take, when and where learning will take place. In self-directed learning students have more freedom even though the learning goals remain under teacher control and for example with respect to choice goals, self testing and or feedback/judgement procedures.As described by the Simon et al (1995), In the beginning stages of any learning the simpler forms of independence should occupy more time than the more complex ones with a gradual increase of time for more complex forms. Whereas more complex forms of independence can regulate and only be practiced with respect to themes where one has relative high level of expertise. Simply there should be more independent work with some strategic learning relating to topics at beginning stages which will provide more room for strategic learning, also in relation to less familiar topics and some room for self directed learning about familiar topics.More importantly, by demonstrating and discussing them with each other on a regular basis, the important thinking, learning and regulation skills are made public. “One of the main obstacles to learning and think is that these processes are hidden and remain invisible” (new learning ref), the students don’t realise that all human beings have many different ways to approach tasks instead of believing their way is the only possible way for learning new things.


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