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Ignorance and carelessness is the major sources of plagiarism. Ignorance and carelessness are also the major sources of the excuse from students who are caught plagiarizing. Even in cases where there are established writers, politicians, and academics have been caught plagiarizing the most common reason is confusion in my notes.”[4] There is always a reason behind every action good or bad and so people have different reasons to justify plagiarism. The world living in the era of quick fix and people have no time to invest in hard work as time becomes the most valuable resource. A majority of the plagiarism is intentional and by people that are well vast in their fields of knowledge but have little time to carry out a research. The financial and positional gain is attractive and is it’s good luck adventure that usually goes bad and becomes destructive. There is all information in the Web about anything and this makes plagiarism the easy and quick path to take. The economic trends today have forced people to do extra work , juggle between multiple careers , become student workers and so there is little time to invest in school and learning hence plagiarism is a solution. Self-plagiarism is one that can be done unaware after years of publishing and at times its miss-understanding and mistakes of not doing a citation. When people do research and writing they do it without fore knowledge of other people involved in the same work so plagiarism out of ignorance may not justify judgement and condemnation. There is a blame and counter by teachers and students but the bottom line is plagiarism is plagiarism. Today learning is intensive and cumbersome and most students had find it hard to match the pace and hence plagiarism.


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