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I am becoming a teacher to educate students with the knowledge that I know and the content that they need to learn and develop. I will use Vygotsky’s idea of scaffolding to help guide my students to master a concept that they are learning on many different levels. As a teacher, I also will use Vygotsky’s different levels of the Zone of Proximal Development to plan my lessons to reach all of my students’ different learning levels. I will construct lessons that will encourage students to think critically and also build their own knowledge, all effective teachers know that is vital to success in the classroom. A successful teacher must develop well, thought out lesson plans that have specific goals and a way to obtain the learning goal. As a teacher, I will make every lesson plan based upon the Georgia guidelines of the Common Core. I will develop my lessons based upon the students and make them student centered rather than teacher centered. I will have essential questions in each of my lessons to make sure the students reflect on the heart of the curriculum that they are learning. In each lesson, I will have many manipulatives for the students to work with to understand the concept. In my lessons I will incorporate different things such as graphic organizers to help the students organize the concepts that they are learning. My goal is to instruct my students to build their own sense of knowledge by using discovery learning. I will have the students working together in groups or partners. I want my students to feel comfortable with having discussions as a group on the answers they come up with and talk about why the answer is correct. I believe that in group discussions students like to listen to other students rather than the teacher. In my opinion, I believe that students also learn better when they work with one another in a group and discuss the concept that is being addressed in the lesson together as a group.


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