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It is worth mentioning here that 45% compete with themselves because it allowed them to stay focused in the mission of being educated; if they are ranked well, they would be happy but their aim is not to win a scholarship. Their goal is not to sustain any kind of accolade and to enhance their self-image. They were rather oriented towards mastery and the learning process. They experience a sense of satisfaction when they feel they have learnt something new every day. For them, schooling is all about learning, growing and the chance to learn more, and do better than their last performance. They seek not to outdo others but to improve their own performance and mastery. These learners can be said to be intrinsically motivated. They believe that they would make themselves miserable if they made comparisons with others. Real happiness and satisfaction is said to be found in identifying and recognizing one’s own gifts and talents rather than focusing on others’ successes. The students affirmed that competition prevents individuals from developing a self-acceptance and it renders people unable to do simple and humble actions such as being nice to others or being at the service of others. It encourages them to be like everybody else or better than everybody else and students cannot be themselves.


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