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The last component is feedback. Feedback in lecturers’ work practice means how well the lecturers doing their course. Lecturer in Sunway College get feedback from students, they try to understand how students responses about his or her performance. They can also seek information from their head of faculty about all phases of their course, is there any protest from students about his or her teaching method. The students can also get feedback, not only get feedback from lecturer but also get directly feedback. For example, in practical courses, when the program successfully runs, it means students’ performed well, so get good feedback. JCM can be used to motivate all employees in all industries, provided that the managers know how to properly apply the five core job characteristics on their employees. Not only managers and the employees but also lecturers and student must realize that they all have a responsible to give the best performance by giving the best in skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback. Lecturers take managerial role for motivating students to positive learning outcomes, and students take employee role for doing the best to reach positive learning outcomes.


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