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第四层是分析。分析可以定义为将材料区分为组成部分的能力,并表示这些部分之间的关系。例如,与这一层次相关的问题,如“你能从中得出什么推论”。综合能力在第5级的位置可以通过构建把想法放在一起形成独特、创新和创造性的新方法来解释。比如“如果…你能预测结果吗?”可用于合成水平。最后一个层次是评估,在评估中,层次更侧重于对基于审查和证据的观点进行判断和评论的能力。例如在课堂上,像“你同意行动/结果吗”这样的问题可以用来理解评价水平。一般来说,马来西亚的教育体系分为两部分;pre-tertiary和高等教育。包括初等和中等教育在内的高等教育由教育部(Ministry of education)监管,而高等教育则由教育部(Ministry of Higher education)管辖。

The fourth level is analysis. Analysis can be defined as ability to differentiate material into component parts and present the relationship between those part. For example, the question that related to this level such as “what inferences that can you make from”. Synthesis which places in level five can explain by construct the ability to put ideas together to form new ways that unique, innovate and creative. The question such as “Can you predict the outcome if ..?” can be used in synthesis level. The last level is Evaluation in which the level more focusing on ability to conduct judgement and critique the worth of ideas based on reviewing and evidence. For example in the classroom , the question such as “ Do you agree with the action / outcomes ” can be used to understanding of evaluation level.Generally, Malaysia education system is divided into two; pre-tertiary and tertiary education. Pre-tertiary that includes primary and secondary education is regulated under Ministry of Education (MOE) whereas tertiary education is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).