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当看着韩国高中总的来说,他们往往不够学生准备一个学习者为中心和创造性的系统教育,经常需要在大学学生自我激励的韩国。总之,它很容易使韩国高中教育的请求是合理的因为高中学生做相对根据PISA(国际学生评估项目)2006。然而,我将倾向于国家相反,正如你将看到的,原因我根据经验和研究。 目前,韩国教育辅助系统是非常成功的在准备学生教师为中心的教育等,常用于教数学,因为传递信息的主要方式之一,从老师到学生。然而,这种级别的成功并不适用于韩国学生当他们进入更多的西方风格的课堂环境中学生预计将承担自我依赖的角色需要积极和创造性的个性,以达到最好的结果。


When looking at South Korean high schools on the whole, they are insufficiently preparing students for an often learner centered and creative system of education that regularly necessitates students to be self-motivated at universities in and out of Korea. All in all, it is tempting to make the plea that Korean high school education is sound since high school students do comparatively well according to PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) 2006. However, I would be inclined to state the opposite, as you shall see, for reasons which I have based on both experience and research.
As it stands, the Korean secondary system of education is highly successful in preparing students for teacher centered education such as that often used to teach math since the transfer of information is mostly one way, from teacher to student. Nevertheless, this same level of success does not apply to Korean students when they enter more Western styled classroom environments wherein students are expected to take on self reliant roles requiring active and creative personalities in order to attain the best overall results.


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