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这篇论文是参照Christeen George的文章《留住专业工人:是什么让他们留下来?》(keeping professional workers: what makes them stay?)通常人力资源实践的主要问题是让离职发生,然后通过离职面谈找出离职意向的原因。只有在人们辞职后才知道原因似乎是毫无防备的,因为收集到的关于人们辞职原因的信息无法弥补工作空缺。因此,本文的目的是确定一个组织中能够留住专业员工的因素,然后对这些因素进行专业员工保留的测试。本文所使用的变量分为两个维度,第一个维度是由管理、有利环境、社会支持和发展四个因素组成的组织,第二个维度是由自主性、薪酬、精心设计/塑造的工作量、工作与生活的平衡四个因素组成的工作。因此,纸是由研究问题,这是本文探索的八个因素确定是否可用来衡量个人打算留在组织分布的因素确定为混合积极组织小组和工作小组,并组织水平和就业水平是否能预测个人的意愿留在组织。研究区域在英国site进行,研究样本集中于跨国营销公司的员工,他们来自不同的工作职能,例如会计、IT专业人士、咨询师、营销和销售专业人士以及人力资源专业人士。调查对象为138人,其中男76人,女62人。年龄从20岁到61岁不等。测量仪器,问卷以电子方式发给被调查者。


The paper is generated by referring to Christeen George’s article paper, with title of Retaining professional workers: what makes them stay?. The main issue normally practice by Human Resource is to let the turnover occur then only to find out the reason of the intention to quit through exit-interview. Knowing the reason only after people quit is seem defenseless because the collected information on why people quit fail to restore back the job gap. Hence, the purpose of this paper is to identify the factors that capable to retain the professional staffs in one organization, then the factors are tested for the retention of the professional employees. The variables used in this paper are divided into two dimensions, first dimension is organizational which consist of four factors, management, conducive environment, social support and development, second dimension is job which consist of four factors, autonomy, compensation, crafted/sculpted workload, work-life balance. Hence, the paper is driven by research questions, which are to explore whether the eight factors identified in this paper is usable to measure the individual intention to stay in the organization, are the factors identified distributed into organizational group and job group is blended positively, and whether the organizational level and job level could predict the individual’s intention to stay in the organization. The study area is conducted in UK site, the sample of the study is focusing the employees of multinational marketing company which come from variety job function such as Accountant, IT professionals, Consultants, Marketing and Sales professionals, and HR professional. The total respondents are 138, which covered 76 male, 62 female. The age range from 20 to 61 years. The measurement instrument, the questionnaires were electronically sent to the respondents.


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