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There exists a big variability of creative techniques to use  as individuals and groups. However the techniques that are more appropriate to generate creativity are used in groups. But, why are  group techniques more efficient than the individual techniques? The European Commission gave the answer “creativity is an attribute of the individual, though generally it can only be developed efficiently when it is tackled within a group of team.”(European Commission, 1998). Some  of techniques more used for develop the creativity are: analytic techniques and intuitive techniques (Sefertzi. 2000). Analytical techniques follow a linear pattern of thought or sequence of steps very good organize, in other words this type of organization in the question help that student stimulate different ways of organization known information and help approach problems from new angles (Miller 1987). Intuitive techniques are less structured techniques, so the intuitive techniques have not a organization or steps that student have that follow because the student or other person that use the intuitive technique, only he has that look the phenomena of his study and the he has formalote intuitively hypothesis, theory and other suppositions to can give a explanation about the phenomena. Now, but to apply these methods and tapeworms requires the use of instruments that would facilitate a better understanding and stimulate the brain.


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