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弗吉尼亚州的一项法律宣称奴隶是“私人的动产,他们的所有者和所有人的所有意图、建设和目的的所有人”(Henry Drewry的非裔美国人历史)。它肯定了他们的全部所有权,并对他们的奴隶,特别是妇女。由于奴隶主的绝对财产,奴隶黑人妇女因此被连根拔起他们的家庭和家庭,并遵守主人的每一个身体和性的心血来潮。他们必须学会完全服从主人的思想和身体。性虐待可能以性胁迫的形式进行,以强迫育种获取利润。拒绝性的提议遭到了身体和精神上的虐待,而且常常把家庭成员卖给遥远的农场,再也不会被看到。她没有任何保护或庇护,因为法律认为强奸只是非法侵入财产。在任何时候,她或她的朋友都可能被驱逐出境或出售给其他的财产,这证明了与奴隶、男人和女人发展关系的困难。男性奴隶对这种性剥削的任何挑战都可能意味着他们自己生命的终结.


A Virginia law declared slaves to be “chattel personal in the hands of their owners and possessors for all intents, construction, and purpose whatsoever” (African American History by Henry Drewry). It affirmed their total ownership and right over their slaves particularly the womenfolk. As absolute property of their owners, enslaved black women were thus uprooted their homes and families and to comply with every physical and sexual whim of the master. They had to learn to be totally submissive to the master, in mind and body. Sexual abuse could be in the form of sexual coercion to forced breeding for profit. Refusal of sexual overtures met with physical and emotional abuse and often the sale of a family member to distant farms, never to be seen again. She had no safeguard or refuge as the law regarded rape as a mere trespassing of property. Developing relations with fellow slaves, men and women, proved difficult as she or her friends could be deported or sold to another property at any given time. Any challenges by the male slaves to such sexual exploitation could mean an end to their own lives


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