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经理还使用motivator-hygiene理论、赫兹伯格(1959)来激励员工。根据引导,1983年Ramlall指出,2004年,p.54)工作丰富化可以通过基本变化导致动机的本质一个员工的工作,因此工作可以被重新设计,便于晋升机会,增加责任和挑战,识别和个人成长。根据赫兹伯格(1959)导致工作满意度的因素是不同的,分开那些导致工作不满因此,管理者的目标是丢弃的因素导致工作不满可以实现和平,而不是动机(Ramlall 2004)。Ramlall引用Kreitner Kinicki,1998年,2004年,第11页)提出,而不是让员工职责相似的困难被称为水平加载的工作,经理应该给员工更多的责任(垂直加载)这就是员工执行职责通常是由他们的上司。1968,这是基于赫兹伯格Ramlall指出,2004年,第11页)和建议如下,消除某些控制,同时维护责任所涉及的动力实现这包括责任和个人成就。另一种方法来激励员工使用这个模型包括引入新的职责未处理,这涉及学习和成长的激励因素。赫兹伯格(1968)认为要激发员工他们的工作需要丰富的员工有机会进步和刺激.


Managers also use the motivator-hygiene theory, Herzberg(1959) to motivate their staff. According to Steers,1983 cited in Ramlall, 2004,p.54) job enrichment can lead to increased motivation through basic changes in the nature of an employee’s job, therefore jobs can be redesigned to facilitate opportunities for advancement, increased responsibility and challenge, recognition and personal growth. According to Herzberg (1959) the factors that lead to job satisfaction are distinct and separate from those that lead to job dissatisfaction thus, managers who aim to discard factors that lead to job dissatisfaction can achieve peace, instead of motivation (Ramlall 2004).Kreitner and Kinicki, 1998, cited in Ramlall,2004,p.57)suggested that rather than giving employees duties of similar difficulty known as horizontal loading of jobs, managers should give workers more responsibility (vertical loading) this is where employees carry out duties usually performed by their supervisors. This was based on Herzberg,1968, cited in Ramlall, 2004,p.57) and suggested the following, eliminating certain controls and at the same time maintaining accountability the motivator involved to achieve this included responsibility and personal achievement. Another way to motivate staff using this model involves introducing new duties not previously handled and this involved motivators of growth and learning. Herzberg (1968) argued that for an employee to be motivated their job has to be enriched so the employee has an opportunity advancement and stimulation


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