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The issue that arises is that many parents in the communities in need do not have the ability to help in the traditional sense. For example, parents in an underprivileged area may be working multiple jobs to sustain their families, and it is not an option to spend an hour a week with his or her student’s classroom. Or immigrant parents may feel unable to help because they do not speak the language used in the school. And maybe the parents are ashamed about their own level of academic attainment and their inability to help their children with schoolwork.A 2004 study by Hill et al. found that parent involvement in school from 7th through 11th grade helped decrease behavioral problems, which in turn related to achievement and aspirations. However, this was only the case for parents with higher educational levels themselves. For the lower parental education group, the only aspect classroom involvement helped was with aspirations. One reason for this result may be a cyclical process identified in a study by Englund et al. (2004) Parents who themselves are well-educated will provide better instruction to their children prior to schooling. This educational support early in life correlates with a higher IQ, and a higher IQ increases parent expectations for their child and parent involvement in the classroom. Contradictory evidence exists as well, stating that parents’ education levels do not affect their involvement in schools, because education may be a confounding factor with employment, time, or other variables.

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