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Managers in organisations use motivation theories in a practical way to motivate their staff in the workplace. This due to the fact motivation theories provide a good basis on which to develop a deeper understanding of what happens within a workforce. Steers and Porter (1983, cited in Ramlall, 2004, p.54) state that in order for managers to create a conducive environment to enable staff to develop their fullest potential, Maslow’s need hierarchy (1943) can be applied to motivate them. For example security needs within the Maslow’s theory can be achieved by giving awards and praising employees for good work. The avoidance of abrupt changes within the organisation and solving employee problems that might arise also satisfies security needs. Champagne and Mcfee (1989, cited in Ramlall, 2004, p.54) also inform that managers strategies based on Maslow (1943) are viewed as considerate and also show interest in the welfare of their employees.The other way of motivating staff using this theory is by encouraging social interaction amongst employees. This can be achieved by enhancing team spirit by providing social activities outside of the organisation and also encouraging participation. Champaigne and Mcfee (1989) Furthermore, for managers to encourage self-actualisation they need to provide training, encourage creativity through certain challenges. Ramlall (2004) argues that the type of need amongst employee may in turn some ideas on motivation may be easy to implement whilst others may be expensive.


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